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5 Key Tips to Help You Set up a Functional Storage Unit

Do you need a storage unit to extend your space for business or regular access? If so, it's vital to spend some time planning the layout and organisation of your storage shed to help you access the items you need, when you need them. There is nothing worse than having to come in and rummage around for hours looking for that one item or document you need to get a job done.

To save you some frustration, time and back-ache, here are our top tips for setting up an organised storage unit.

1. Maximise Vertical Space, Invest in Sturdy, Affordable Storage Shelves

Warragul Self Storage units have high ceilings, make the most of them. If your planning on accessing your unit regularly the number one thing you can do to make it a more functional space is to add in some low-cost but sturdy shelving, racks, drawers, bins, cabinets, etc. The exact type(s) that will work for you will depend on what you are storing and how you need to use it. This will enable you to make use of the vertical space in your unit without breaking your back moving everything around each time you need to access something. You will then be able to unpack your most needed items so that they are visible and easy to reach. Be sure to place your most used items towards the front of the shelves. Keep a step ladder in the unit so that you can easily get to the upper shelves.

Using the vertical space gives you the extra advantage of freeing up floor space making it easier for you or your staff to move in and out of the storage unit.

2. Keep Heavy Items on the Floor and Light Items up off the Floor

Safety should always come first! Keep your heavy items low to the floor to prevent the potential collapse of your shelving units and reduce the likelihood of injury when moving the items around. You might want to consider keeping a moving trolley in the unit if you regularly need to move heavy items in and out and always make sure you use the proper lifting technique.

Keeping the lighter items up high will prevent clutter and keep walkways clear and free of tripping hazards.

3. Keep an inventory of what goes in and out of your Storage Unit

Keeping an inventory could be as simple as a ledger book or a spreadsheet. But if you are using the unit for business purposes you might want to consider inventory software to keep your storage unit working for you at peak efficiency.

A good stock control solution will help you accurately predict how much merchandise you’ll need to be shipped in and when which will help guarantee your storage shed never becomes overstuffed and your shop floor never becomes understocked. Good inventory software can save you time and stress at the end of the financial year when you need to do a stocktake.

4. Set up an Organisation System and Stick to it!

One key to getting the most out of your storage unit is creating an organised system for where you place items. Whether you choose to separate your products by use, size, style, etc. is up to you, but make a plan from the beginning.

Once you’ve picked your system, stick to it and label it, especially if you have a large storage unit. You may even want to create a simple map so that you can easily direct others to find the items you need at any given time.

5. Vermin and Pest Control

It is your responsibility to control pests in your storage unit, so plan ahead. The number one rule here is don't store perishable food items in your storage unit. Secondly, put down a few baits or traps to quickly deal with any rodents that may enter the storage unit.

You should also place items like clothing, fabrics and cushions up high in your storage unit to make them more difficult for pests to nest in.

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