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Save (& Make) Money with Long term Self Storage

We at Warragul Self Storage would like to thank our long term storer's for your continued business and support during this difficult economy. There is no denying that 2020 is shaping up to be a challenging year for many of us. We seem to be hit with one thing after another it is leaving so many feeling uncertain and unstable about the future. The downturn in the economy is also causing many of us to re-think our finances, question our expenses and look for innovative ways to turn a profit. Warragul Self Storage can help!

Long Term Deals

Firstly we would like to remind all of our loyal customers, and potential new storer's of our long term storage deal. When you commit to 12 months of storage up front you receive a 13th month absolutely free. Now is the time to consider paying for the next 12 months in advance with EOFY looming! Not only can it save you in tax but it will save you up to $145 per unit in storage rental per year in the long run.

We believe the greatest advantage of storage units is their ability to turn your high-value real estate into money-making space rather than storage space. Here are some ideas on how Storage units can provide opportunities for your income to grow!

Staging Your Home for Sale.

It's no secret that staging will help your home to sell quickly enabling potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. To do this you will need to de-clutter your home of personal artifacts and pair it down to well-styled essentials. You might feel like your living in a display home for a little while but you'd be surprised at how freeing it can be to live in a clutter-free space. Recent studies suggest that it can improve the selling price by between 5- 10%.

Turn Your Spare Room Into Spare Cash!

Many of us end up using the spare room as a storage room leaving the door permanently CLOSED. You could easily spruce up your spare room for short or long term rental if you had somewhere safe to store all of your goodies! Listing on sites like Airbnb is easy and free to start. Aussies who rent out their spare room on such sites average $5000 per annum, A small storage unit with us would cost around $1040 per annum leaving you with $4000 profit. Of course, you could make more, or less, depending on how much effort you put in and the rental costs in your area. It's not a fortune but it sure would help pay the rates and other household bills! The best thing about it is that you can do it on your own terms and have a lovely guest room available for friends and relos to come visit!

Create your dream home studio/workshop

Are you dreaming of escaping the rat race and spending more time at home doing the things you love, with the people you love? Imagine if your garage/spare room wasn't crammed full of boxes and other stuff that you hardly ever use? Perhaps you could start that youtube channel or podcast you've been thinking about. You could easily turn your craft into a small business, whether it is woodworking, pottery, art, photography, furniture restoration even silversmithing or blacksmithing! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. By renting a small, affordable storage unit you can create the space to make your dream life a reality!

Work From Home in Style

Post-Covid 19 many companies and employees are recognising the benefits of allowing staff to work from home. If you have been working from home these past few months you have probably already understood the importance of creating a space within your home that is a dedicated work site - as tempting as it is to work from the couch in your PJs, its not nearly as productive. Mixing work and home space can start to eat into your relaxation time when you begin to associate your living room or kitchen with work! Nor is it a good look in the seemingly endless zoom calls! Storage can help you turn your spare room into a home office haven. If you have a talk to your boss they may even have a budget for you to turn your home into a more productive space. Imagine the money you will save on transport and meals by working from home!

What would you do with more space in your home? We would love to hear your ideas and aspirations!

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