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How to Pack Boxes like a Pro. 6 Tips to Stay Sane While Packing for your Storage Unit.

Updated: May 6, 2020

Moving house is officially one of the most stressful times most of us will experience in our lives. Over the years, we here at Warragul Self Storage have gained plenty of experience in the wonderful task of packing boxes. So how do you make you can easily find your stuff when you need it, make sure nothing breaks, avoid the bottom falling out of the box and stay sane while you pack? Read on to find out our 6 best tips for packing boxes to take the stress out of storage.

1. Get the right supplies and equipment.

Packing Boxes
Packing tools of the trade

Be prepared! Before you start packing make sure you have the following items on hand:

  • Sturdy packing boxes and the original boxes for Fragile items like TVs

  • Packing tape (preferably with a dispenser to save your sanity and your teeth!

  • Old newspapers or butchers paper

  • Bubble wrap

  • Scissors

  • A sharpie to label boxes

  • Notepad & pen to write down the contents of your boxes

  • Stanley knife (for re-opening boxes)

  • A glass of wine (optional)

2. Keep a donations box and a rubbish bag next to you.

Donation Box, moving house
Donate what you don't need or want!

As you pack you will definitely come across items you no longer need or want and some stuff that is just rubbish. Save time and backaches by keeping a donations box and a rubbish bag in the vicinity. Take some advice from Marie Kondo before you pack an item for storage and ask yourself, does this spark joy? Don't forget to ask your significant other if they need the item before you throw it in the trash.

3. Make lists and labels for each box.

Planning to move into storage units
Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

To make sure you can find what you need while it's in storage or when it arrives in your new home, make sure you keep a list which important items are going into which box. Then make sure you have clearly labelled your boxes, for obvious reasons.

5. Don't pack in a rush!

There is nothing worse than packing when the moving truck is waiting outside. Get started on your packing in advance. You can start by sorting through the items you use the least. Seasonal clothing, decorations, books etc. Be sure to leave essentials such as cooking utensils and bathroom items until the day of moving. If the house is becoming cluttered with boxes pre-move, consider renting a storage unit to keep you space livable as you prepare to move.

The great thing about taking your time packing is that it will enable you to sort out what you love from the things that you no longer need or want. With a little forward-thinking, unwanted items can be thoughtfully gifted to friends and relatives or donated to your favourite charity. It will also allow you to enjoy the memories you will no doubt encounter as you sort through your belongings

6. Don't forget to have fun.

Packing boxes with family, home storage
Get the Whole Family Involved and Have a Bit of Fun!

Put some music on and get the whole family involved. Moving house can be stressful, yes, but its a great time to show some love and gratitude for your soon to be former home and neighbours and a time to contemplate what is important to you and your family.

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